Opel Vivaro for rent

Opel Vivaro/Ford Torneo. It has diesel tank 2000cm3, manual transmission consumes 7-8 litters/100 km. It has 8 passenger seats and 1 driver seat. The limit of mileage is 500 km/day. Additional mileage is paid 0.1 euro/km.
The rental cost is:
• 7+ days 55 €/day;
• 4-6 days 60 €/day;
• 2- 3 days 65 €/day;
• 1 day 75 €/day.
We accept payment in cash when you get a car or by a bank transfer. The deposit of 150€ is given back when the car is returned clean and with full tank (you get a car with a full tank). The car clean cost is 35 euro. There is a mileage limit of 500 km per day, any additional km costs 0.1 euro.

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Rent a Opel Vivaro on profitable terms in Slovenia